Newborn Sesssion Tips
1. Please plan your session date during the pregnancy to be sure that the desirable date will be free for you.  Keep in mind that the newborn shoot is possible only during first two weeks  after the birth.  The best period is 5-10 days after  the birth but no later than 14 days.
I will pre-book your session based on your due date. Since I never know exactly when your new baby arrives we will fix the actual date once you deliver. This allows me not to over schedule my timetable.

2. Please contact me as soon as possible after your baby comes to the world in order to book the actual date . Of course someone from your family can do it for you.

3. In the day of the session give baby a morning bath and have some quiet play time with baby and put in pajamas or gowns that are easy to remove at the session. Avoid having baby wear socks or  things that can impress the skin. Use natural baby oils to smooth baby’s skin.

4. The best time for shooting is in the morning (around 10 o’clock), newborns seem to be sleepiest in the morning. If you can keep your baby up minimum of 1-1,5 hours before shooting that helps for a sleepier session. That is not always easy but will be a great benefit as it could help us to get more set-ups while the baby peacefully sleeps.

5. I never can tell you in advance how long your session will be. Usually it takes about 3 hours but it can also be an hour or 6 hours.  This time includes time for feeding, changing set-ups, nursing baby back to sleep between changes. That is why I kindly ask you not to plan any other important things on the day of the shoot.

6. Please feed baby in the studio after arrival (please do not do it at home just before coming to studio) if possible in a loose diaper and wrap him in a blanket (please take a blanket with you). Please prepare a bottle if you baby eats the formula and a pacifier even if your baby does not use it before. I will add any needed feedings throughout the session.

7. During the session I kindly ask parents to stay at some distance from my working area. You baby feels the mom and milk and it can be an obstacle for having a calm session. Please trust me your baby, I am the mom of three myself so I know well what to do. 

8. I have a lot of props in my studio but  if you have some favourite things and props which you want to see on photos you are welcome to show them. We have a look together and discuss how to use them.

9. Please let me know in advance if you do not like any colors, poses, etc. If during the session you do not feel comfortable with any pose or prop do not hesitate to say me about it.

10. If you wish to make family photos together with your baby choose neutral light or dark  colors which coordinate with the rest of a group (no more than 2 colors for the whole group). For toddlers I recommend neutral light clothes which match their sex. It is quite possible that your hands will be represented in the  photos so take care of your hands and nails in advance.

11. Please bring a lot of patience! Newborn shoot is always a challenge. So do not feel stressed if you baby is restless and does not want to fall asleep. Baby feels your tension! We try to calm and relax him/her but if we fail we just make the shots with what your baby is willing to give us.

12. You have just come through the childbirth. And  you come to my place to keep the most beautiful moments of your life and life of your baby. So, relax, stay calm, stay hydrated and enjoy these moments!