What to wear for family pictures
1. Choose neutral or pastel solid colours (please no black if only you are not a great fan of this colour). White or beige always look great and tender for pictures together with a newborn. Avoid bright prints, colorful labels, etc ., as they will distract attention from you. In this case  the simplicity is the main  key to success. Choose clothes and shoes which flatter your body. 

2. Pay the  proper attention to your accessories, they just could  be a bright spot (scarves, necklaces, belts, etc.)

3. The clothes of all participants should coordinate with each other. That also applies to the style and colour. Do not wear jeans and sneakers if your partner is going to wear an evening dress.
4. Follow the simple rule – no more than 3 colors in all pallete including accessories. The best option is the same colour for the whole group. 

5. For girls maxi dresses or skirts are the perfect choice.  They  have a very feminine and elegant look.  Jeans and white T-shirts look great  and layered clothing is fabulous.

6. Choose your clothes according to the season for outside shoots.  The clothes from natural fabrics are preferable otherwise you have a risk that wet spots under your arms could become an unpleasant surprise.  For girls flying or flowing fabrics are gorgeous.

7. VERY IMPORTANT: Please check your outfits in front of the mirror. Make sure there are no unpleasant wrinkles, clothes do not make you look fat and so on. Believe me that Photoshop is not of much help if clothes do not fit you at all. 

8. Do take a look at your pictures of the past, and identify the outfits that photographed well in the past. What did you like about them? If you don’t want to wear something old, head to the mall and find an outfit with similar qualities.

9. Arrange your clothes ahead of time including accessories so you can get any extra items if needed. Make sure the clothes are clean and pressed a few days before the shooting. Do not wait until the last minute to get everything together. 

10. The main thing is to be yourself! You should feel comfortable in your clothes otherwise  the camera shows your tension.

11. It also will be good to wash your hair, pamper yourself with a manicure, get your hair styled and makeup done (a bit heavier than usual with accent on lashes and lips) before the session. For men a clean shaven look is perfect. Please bring extra powder, makeup and hairspray to the shooting in order to be able re-do makeup if necessary. All this will surely maximize your glow!